Graduation Survey


All students applying for graduation are asked to take a survey relating to their experiences at the University of Florida, future employment, and/or educational plans post-graduation. The survey provides comprehensive information about future plans of all graduates and alumni by college and other categorical selections. The results of the survey are used by the institution for accountability, program review, and accreditation purposes. The data can also be used to compare to our peer institutions.

Survey Results

Institutional Planning and Research works with the UF Career Connections Center on the Graduation Survey. For a selection of results visit Undergraduate & Graduate Student Survey Results. For reports of the results by term, please click on the term desired in the archive below.


These archive files are PDF documents. They include the survey instrument, which may change year to year as well as selected indicator results. Note: Results of some open-ended questions are not displayed in the results below. Please request these results using the Information Request System. Click on a term to see available reports.
*Per Board of Governors (BOG) definition of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as of October, 2017