Academic Support

Using The AAR System

Navigating the AAR System

The AAR System is entered from myUFL by clicking the Main Menu, then Academic Activities Reporting, then Search for Course Sections.  The first screen you will see is a general query screen that allows you to search for a Class Section, Academic Organizations, Instructor Name or Employee ID, Messages, or Status you would like to view.  

Locating Sections

Most often, users will enter workload according to the Department they are assigned.  For instance, the AAR Coordinator for the Anthropology Department would enter ‘1602’ in the DeptID field.  Doing so would take the coordinator to a list of all of the Anthropology Department’s courses listed by course number, course title, and section number along with other information.  This view is called the Search View.

Search results will be displayed in table format listing the course number and title, section number, instructor (if known), when and by whom the section was last modified by, whether the section has been marked complete or not, and whether there are any errors with the section.

To choose a section to make edits to such as adding an instructor or allocating contact hours, users will click on the appropriate section from their search results which will take them to the Section View.

The Section View

When a section is chosen from the Search Results page, the Section View will be displayed.  The Section View contains information specific to that section such as the total contact hours for the course, whether the course is base count or head count, type of instruction, any instructors that have been assigned to the course, along with general information such as the term, department, course number, meeting times, etc.  However, only the UFID, instructor name, instructor role, empl record, and contact hours assigned can be edited.

The Section View is the primary working view for entering instructors and contact hours for a section.  In the Section View, instructors can be added, modified, or removed and contact hours can be distributed among instructors according to the rules and policies that govern the AAR process

Most often instructors will be imported into the AAR system according to how they are listed on the Section File. However, if no instructors are listed in the section, they can be added by name or UFID.  Once an instructor is identified, the coordinator will need to select the appropriate empl record to verify that the instructor is active for that term.  If an instructor is listed on a course erroneously, he or she can also be removed.  However, at least one instructor is required to be listed for all course sections, and you will not be able to save the section or mark it complete unless an instructor is identified

Contact hours can similarly be distributed among instructors listed.  If a course is a base count course with only one instructor, the contact hours will automatically go to that instructor.

Adding/modifying instructors and assigning contact hours will be Covered in greater detail in following sections.

Two weeks prior to the head count deadline (the end of the term) another email  notification will be sent to all AAR Coordinators listing all courses, both base count and head count that remain unapproved.  This is to assist coordinators in ensuring they have enough time to complete all AAR prior to the end of the term.  Failure to complete AAR before the system is closed at the end of the term will be handled in accordance with incentive system polices.

Four weeks before the end of the term, an email notification will also be sent to all instructors that have been assigned contact hours in the AAR System notifying them that they have been assigned contact hours and listing the courses with which they have been associated.

The purpose of this notification is to A) give instructors an opportunity to see what courses to which they have been assigned prior to the effort certification process and B) give instructors and coordinators the opportunity to catch and correct mistakes before the AAR System is closed and the mistakes get entered into the Effort System.

Closing the AAR System

The AAR System will be closed to campus one week after grades are due to facilitate the collection and reporting of the Student Information File (SIF) to the Board of Governors which is due within six weeks of the end of the term.

Once the system has been closed for a term, OIPR will tally the number of incomplete sections by department in order to be able to accurately assess fines to those departments who were unable to complete AAR per the incentive system policies.