Academic Support

Adding Instructors

There are five primary functions of the AAR System:

  1. To identify course’s instructor(s),
  2. To allocate a course’s contact hours among the instructors who taught it, and
  3. To identify the correct employee record.
  4. To identify if faculty are paid out of a fund 143 as a salaried expense rather than lump sum payment, then the course needs to be reported in Effort.  In this case, or if you have any questions about reporting off-book courses, please contact the project lead for AAR in Institutional Planning and Research, Armando Ramirez.
  5. Before you assign a Lump Sum Payment employee record, please read the HR policy at

When the AAR Coordinator opens a section to edit, instructors assigned to the course may be listed in a table along with their UFID.  Instructors who have been assigned to a course in the Section File or identified as serving on a graduate committee will be automatically imported into the AAR system.  However, if no instructors are listed in the section, they will need to be added by name or UFID in the Section View.

AAR Coordinators must open all sections in their Department to verify the instructor information even if it being imported from the Section File and mark the section as complete once the instructor and contact hours have been properly entered.

Adding an Instructor(s) to a course

To add an instructor to a section, the coordinator can either enter the instructor’s name in the name field or the UFID in the UFID field.  It is also possible to search for the appropriate instructor by clicking on a magnifying glass.  Once an instructor has been entered, the coordinator will be able to access all of the instructor’s current empl records in the drop-down box to the right of the instructor’s name.  The coordinator will need to select the most appropriate empl record to verify that the instructor is active for that term.

If there are no empl records for the instructor, the coordinator will need to validate that the instructor a) taught the course, and b) had valid job data for that term.  The coordinator will need to work with the responsible Departmental administrative staff to ensure that these are both correct.

Removing an Instructor

It may be that an instructor is listed on a course in AAR that did not teach the course.  This can happen if the instructor was identified to teach the course in the Section File, but a change may have been made as the result of the instructor leaving the University, receiving an unanticipated grant, or simply was entered incorrectly.

If this is the case, the coordinator will need to ensure that the erroneous instructor is removed and that the individual that actually taught the class is entered in his or her place. However, the replacement instructor must be added to the section before the original instructor is removed as at least one instructor is required to be listed for all course sections.  You will not be able to save the section or mark it complete unless an instructor is listed on the section.

Staff and TBA not imported – blank

Even if imported from the Section File, instructors must be verified by the AAR Coordinator.  It is not uncommon for an instructor to be assigned a class before the beginning of a term, only to have it assigned to another instructor later.  Even if a section has an instructor identified, it is the responsibility of the AAR Coordinator to verify that the instructor did, in fact, teach the course and that the instructor listed is valid.

Valid instructors

Manually entering instructors

  • Selecting a valid empl record
  • Warning for instructors outside of department