• The AAR system for Summer 2020 is open for corrections and will close soon.  Please complete your sections as soon as possible.
  • The AAR System for Fall 2020 will be temporarily closed on 12/23/2020.  It will be re-opened for corrections about five weeks later, just before Effort System for Fall 2020 is opened.
  • The AAR System will open to Campus for Spring 2021 term on 01/18/2021. Please communicate with your department Course Coordinator to ensure that the Schedule of Courses has been accurately entered.
  • Other IPR memos:

The Office of the Provost and IPR strongly suggest and recommend that all AAR Coordinators attend EFFORT/AAR OPEN LABS.   (A separate announcement with exact dates and times will be sent by Cost Analysis.)  IPR and Cost Analysis will help you with all your questions regarding FAR, AAR, Effort, Commitments, Job Records, and Payroll.

For questions please contact :