Academic Activities Reporting

Introduction - Academic Activities Reporting

Never Assume!

  • Always ask if you are not sure!
  • It’s okay to ask even if you think you know the answer.

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Academic Activities Reporting (AAR) is completed campus-wide by all units offering courses. Completing AAR consists of five primary functions:

  1. Identifying  the instructor(s) of a course,
  2. Allocating contact hours to the instructor(s),
  3. Identifying the employee record, and
  4. Identifying when self-funded (off-book) courses need to be reported to Effort.  If the course is taught in load and the faculty member is paid from fund 143 as a salaried expense, then let IPR know that the course needs to be reported to Effort.  In this case, or if you have any questions about reporting off-book courses, please contact the project lead for AAR in Institutional Planning and Research, Armando Ramirez.
  5. Before you assign a Lump Sum Payment employee record, please read the HR policy at

This guide is designed to assist Department Administrators and Faculty to understand the processes and policies surrounding AAR and the AAR System, as well as to provide easy access to resources and assistance needed to  complete AAR in an accurate and timely manner.