Academic Activities Reporting

Introduction - Academic Activities Reporting

Academic Activities Reporting (AAR) is completed campus-wide by all units offering courses. Completing AAR consists of three primary functions:

  1. Identifying  the instructor(s) of a course,
  2. Allocating contact hours to the instructor(s), and
  3. Identifying the employee record.

This guide is designed to assist Department Administrators and Faculty to understand the processes and policies surrounding AAR and the AAR System, as well as to provide easy access to resources and assistance needed to  complete AAR in an accurate and timely manner.


  • The AAR System will open to Campus for Fall 2017 term on 08/28/17. Please communicate with your department Course Coordinator to ensure that the Schedule of Courses has been accurately entered.
  • The AAR System will permanently close for Spring 2017 term on 09/08/2017. No further changes can be made to Spring 2017 term course sections after this date.
  • The AAR System will be re-opened to Campus for Summer 2017 term on 09/11/17 for corrections. Please be aware that any corrections will require a reason code and will be affecting effort certifications for the Summer 2017 semester.
  • The AAR system will close for the Fall 2017 term on 12/22/2017.
  • For more details see the AAR Coordinator Overview (Powerpoint)
  • Other IPR memos:

Note: Due to lack of attendance, no further Open Labs will be offered to provide one-on-one assistance with the AAR system. If you have questions regarding AAR, please use the pages of this website. If you still have a question afterward, please contact Armando Ramirez using the contact information below to schedule a special training session.

For questions please contact :


Summer 2017
The AAR deadline for Summer 2017 term is 08/10/17; however, the system may remain open an extra week if the volume of incomplete course sections is high. AAR will re-open for the Summer 2017 term at the beginning of September 2017 for the corrections period. This allows AAR Coordinators to make any corrections ahead of the opening of Effort reporting for the Summer 2017 term.

Fall 2017 (08/21/17 - 12/15/17)

  • 08/21/17: First day of classes, beginning of Drop/Add
  • 08/25/17: End of Drop/Add
  • 08/28/17: AAR system opens for Fall 2017 term
  • 09/18/17: Base count deadline
  • 11/22/17: Notification email will be sent to faculty (See note*)
  • 12/06/17: Last day of classes
  • 12/15/17: End of Finals week; graduation ceremonies
  • 12/20/17: Head countdeadline - all course sections must be complete in AAR
  • 12/22/17: AAR system closes for Fall 2017 term

*NOTE: Please inform your faculty members about the email notification that they will receive on November 22nd with the sections that have been assigned to them by their department in AAR. They will need to review and acknowledge if the assigned sections are correct and will need to contact you (the AAR Coordinator) if they have question or concerns regarding the assigned sections.