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Evaluation Guidelines

  1. Each dean is responsible for submitting evaluations of C/Is assigned to his/her college.
  2. Evaluations should focus on the mission and stated objectives of the C/I.
  3. The C/I should demonstrate how it adds value to the State, if applicable, and to the University that cannot be provided at the college,department, or division level.
  4. The following are suggested items that the evaluator may consider, as they apply to individual C/Is. Items for review are not limited to this list:
    • Funded/proposed training grants in area of focus
    • Funded/proposed program project grants in area of focus
    • Investment of C/I funds in generating pilot data for grants
    • Promoting and funding seminars with C/I funds (not customary dept. seminars)
    • Promoting and funding major conferences in area of focus
    • Funding grad students from C/I funds
    • Funding travel for students from C/I funds
    • Provide core lab support for research of members
    • Mentoring junior faculty
    • Fundraising accomplishments
    • Public programs and results of those programs
    • Exchanges, agreements or planning trips initiated
    • Newsletter, website, or other public information source
    • International or national recognition received other than grants

If you have questions, please contact Institutional Planning & Research