Institutional Planning and Research envisions the University of Florida as an institution whose plans, policies, and decisions are informed by a rich core of valid institutional data and a sophisticated understanding of the meaning of those data.  The national and international image of the University of Florida is enhanced by presentation and reporting of data that document accurately its excellence and performance.


The mission of the Institutional Planning and Research is threefold.  

  • First, IPR provides the university leadership with information and analyses that support planning, policy formation and decision making.
  • Second, IPR serves as a comprehensive source for information about the University of Florida. 
  • Finally, IPR administers reporting of University of Florida data to the State of Florida, Federal Government, and other major organizations such as the AAU.

Core Operational Strategies

Institutional Planning and Research serves a broad base of institutional and external clients.  Three operational strategies promote excellence and efficiency in achieving its mission.  

  • First, IPR enables many clients to obtain information on a self-service basis using its Web, query, and reporting tools.  
  • Second, IPR hires highly-trained, knowledgeable professionals capable of conducting sophisticated analyses and creating useful models for clients.  
  • Finally, IPR partners with other University Offices in order to leverage the best sources of data and knowledge when creating its products and services.